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Playful Literacy - A webinar

Catch myself and Dr Sinéad McCauley Lambe on Tuesday evening for our webinar on Playful Literacy.

Registration is free.

This webinar is being hosted in collaboration with Cork, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and West Cork Education Support Centres.

Webinar details:

Playful Literacy - the what, the why, the how!

Literacy development depends upon the knowledge, dispositions and conceptual understandings that children develop through play. Suited to infant teachers, early childhood practitioners and anyone with a passion for playful pedagogy, this webinar will explore some of the many purposeful opportunities for literacy development through play. Participants will explore a range of effective, practical strategies to create and extend the development of emergent reading, emergent writing and oral language through play. Enrich your playful learning environments and enhance your playful practice by inviting children to play in literate ways!


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