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Review: 'My Irish Books' Series

Have you heard of the My Irish Books Series?

We're currently building on our collection of bedtime books 'as Gaeilge'; we're doing our best to use our 'cúpla focal' at home and make Gaeilge neamhfhóirmiúil part of our daily chatter and we're squeezing in the scéalta codlata too. By chance, Risteard Mac Liam from My Irish Books kindly sent us a copy of their beautiful interactive sound books recently, and we have spent the past few weeks enjoying them since!

Mo Chuid Amhráin Ghaeilge is a fabulous collection of six Irish traditional songs - including some popular favourites such as Báidín Fheilimí, Oró ‘sé do bheatha abhaile and Peigín Leitir Móir. Each song has a double page spread and a sound button. On pressing the button, the songs are performed in perfect pitch, by the sweetest young voices! Crystal clear, articulate and delightful. Mo Chuid Amhráin Ghaeilge 2 brings another six beautiful songs to life in a style which mirrors book one.

Crafted by the wonderfully talented, Tatyana Feeney, the pretty pastel illustrations in both texts are an impeccable accompaniment to the lyrics and air of the songs.

To learn more or order a copy for yourself, see:

Mo Chuid Amhráin Gaeilge 1 & 2 would be beautiful additions to an infant class library, storysack, or the bedtime bookshelf of an emerging reader with a grá for Gaeilge.

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As well as the books, you can also order your own copy of beautiful prints of each of the songs in a range of A4 / A3 sizing, framed or unframed.


This post is not sponsored. The books were kindly gifted by the author but there was no obligation to write a review.


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