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Find opportunities to invite the children to read beyond their books. Messages on the mirror, welcome home notes, invitations to play - there are lots of subtle ways to let the children see print in action. If you can connect it to everyday objects in their surroundings, like their toys, it helps them make connections and recognise familiar letter shapes and patters. The best thing is, they are never too young to start. 

Just like toys, it's important to rotate books to maintain interest, motivation and curiosity! Whether it's at home or the classroom, keep things fresh and inviting by rotating books frequently. My advice is to keep a few favourites to encourage repeated reads and rotate the rest. 

Book Rotation

Encouraging a love of stories...

In June 2020, Monaghan County Libraries invited me to share my advice for parents on encouraging a love of stories at home. Here are my ten top tips to foster a love of reading at home!

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