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Summer Course 2024

Have you enrolled in a summer course yet?

If you're going to be teaching at the junior end of primary school (infants - 1st) then my course may be of interest to yourself... or your colleagues.

My online course, Firm Foundations, is running for the month of July with Marino Institute of Education. The course is fully asynchronous, you complete it in your own time across the month of July - and of course, it is fully EPV approved!

Course content:

This was a brand new course, written and published last year (2023) and I am delighted that it's running again this summer.

I put my heart and soul into creating a practical, comprehensive, deep dive into all things literacy learning at the junior end of primary - specifically exploring what we as teachers need to do and provide in building firm foundations for literacy learning. When I decided to write this course, I was aiming to create the course I only wish I had when I was trying to get my head around literacy instruction in the junior primary classroom! Getting it right in literacy matters... but it's important that we recognise what getting it right looks like - especially in terms of everyday practice.

The modules are as follows:

  1. Preparing the Learning Environment

  2. Oral Language Development

  3. Approaching Reading and Writing

  4. Prioritising Play

  5. Meaningful Methods

Each module has been designed to help unpack literacy components and key priorities for teachers in building firm foundations for children’s literacy learning. 

Designed for teachers of infants to 1st class, this course provides an in-depth exploration of the engaging and playful practice necessary to best support young children’s language, reading and writing development. 

With playful, integrated practice at its core, this course aims to equip teachers with a wealth of practical strategies and resources to support the provision of high-quality literacy learning experiences in the junior primary classroom.

Are resources included?

Yes! Each module comes with a jam-packed resource folder, with materials and supports to guide you through the approaches, methodologies and strategies recommended across the course.

Registration details:

  • The course fee is 55

  • Facilitation runs from July 1st - 31st.

I have a wonderful team of facilitators waiting to welcome you to the forums and support you across your engagement with the content.

See you online!

Testimonials from 2023:

"This has been one of the most relevant, practical and enjoyable summer courses I’ve ever done!"

"I've gone from feeling scared to prepared! Thank you, thank you! This has been such a well-designed, useful and supportive course!"

"A course all infant teachers should complete! Brilliant!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am absolutely delighted with all the ideas and resources I have gained! Thank you!"


"I don’t even know where to begin. This course has been packed with amazing resources, tips, hints and practical information that I will use in the upcoming school year. each module had a wealth of information and gave brilliant ideas."

"This course gave a comprehensive overview of teaching strategies and methodologies to use in the infant classroom. Everything from play, Aistear, literacy, handwriting, behaviour and classroom organisation was covered. The course really puts the learning of the child at the forefront of all modules and encourages best practice in all the different elements of infant teaching".


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