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  • Writer's picture Clara Maria Fiorentini

"This could be important!" A visual strategy during reading

Is there something important coming up in the text?

Is there something you want the readers to pay particular attention to?

Frustrated because the children haven't picked up on a detail you had hoped they would?

On solution, two words: TELL THEM!

Without giving it away, allude to the fact that something significant is on the horizon. Let the children know there is something important coming up and that they may need to pay extra attention, observe or read even more closely, or listen even more carefully.

A useful way to do so, is by signalling it with a visual cue. Mark it on a page with a post-it or clip. That way, when the children notice the symbol or sign, they know that it means something important is about to happen or that an important detail needs to be noticed.

  • “This could be important!”

  • “I think we should read that line again.”

  • “I think the author / illustrator might be giving us a clue here.”

  • “There is a star sticker here. That’s telling us that this is a very important clue.”

Pass the post-its!


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