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Upcoming Webinar: The Dialogic Classroom 3rd - 6th class

Join me on Wednesday evening from 7pm - 8pm for an exploration of The Dialogic Classroom for 3rd - 6th class.

The dialogic classroom thrives on chatter and conversation. Whether it’s in-the-moment interactions, exploratory talk or topic-based discussion – genuine dialogue matters and plays a fundamental role in oral language development. This webinar will explore effective strategies, supports and resources for establishing reciprocal and purposeful dialogue systems in the senior primary classroom.

In this webinar participants will explore:

• what dialogic teaching means for us as teachers of literacy

• how to build dialogic teaching and learning systems to support oral language development in the primary classroom

• why healthy dialogue is a fundamental component in our application of the Primary Language Curriculum

.....with lots of useful strategies and practical recommendations for the effective oral language development in the senior primary classroom!

This webinar is free and slides will be circulated following the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

I am delighted to collaborate once again with West Cork Education Centre, Waterford Teachers' Centre, Co. Wexford Education Centre and Cork Education Support Centre. Sincere thanks to Dympna Daly and team in WCEC for organising.


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