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Your Dragonterra adventure awaits!

Have you heard about the Dragonterra series yet? If not, then your Dragonterra adventure awaits you!

Conor and Evan aren't particularly thrilled about having to go and spend an afternoon with Grandad. They protest as Dad drops them off but before long, things take an extremely interesting spin and soon the boys are more than keen and determined to return to Grandad's house again and again.

Set in Donegal, this series takes us on an adventurous, mystical quest around the perilous land of Dragonterra. As re

aders, we follow along the journey as the boys attempt to track down previous dragon eggs - along with the help of Lucy the Wozlett. The series follows two young brothers as try to fulfil their mission and contend with the ploys and plight of the ghastly Wizard Snivvard.

After reading each of the Dragonterra books - the next time you are in your grandparents' house, you might just look at some of those ornaments in the glass cabinet a little differently!

Created by Irish Author and mum of three, Louise Flanagan, this six part series was written and published during the lockdown period of 2020. Their novelette format makes them an ideal length as classroom read-aloud texts for 1st - 4th class. The accompanying hand-drawn illustrations by Megan Armitage are the perfect compliment to the adventures of Conor and Evan; each bringing their own invitations to read and explore throughout the texts.

There is an added appeal to a fantasy tale when it's set somewhere close to home - it seems to make it all the more real and possible!

For use in the classroom, I would pitch this at second class and upwards for whole class reading, independent reading or reading workshop-style instruction.

There series itself offers many opportunities for cross-curricular learning, such as:

  • English: Writing: recounts, summarising, report writing, persuasive writing, narrative writing; vocabulary (the books are brimming with fantastic mystical & magical vocabulary); inferencing (what's in Grandad's backpack?); visualisation

  • Geography: Mapwork (each book is accompanied with a unique map detailing the locations featured in the story); County study: Donegal

  • Maths: Problem solving; chance

  • History: Story; Myths & Legends (Donegal based / dragon themed); Now & then - Interviewing Grandparents

  • SPHE: Myself & Others; Empathy, Grandparents, Family, Fire safety

  • Drama: Pupil in role; hot-seating; role play

  • Visual arts: Sketching and painting; map design; marbled dragon eggs; dragon silhouettes; clay dragons; creating dragon masks; creating dragon puppets

.....and so much more!

Learn more about Dragonterra or purchase your own set of the complete series directly from Louise's website. Adventure awaits!


I was kindly gifted a set of the novels from the author.


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