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Firm Foundations: Summer Course 2023

Registration is currently open for my NEW online summer course, Firm Foundations: Building a Foundation for Literacy Learning in the Junior Primary Classroom.

This course is FULLY approved by the DE.

This is an asynchronous course and runs for the month of July.

This comprehensive course unpacks literacy components and key priorities for teachers in building firm foundations for children’s literacy learning. Designed for teachers of infants to 1st class, this course provides an in-depth exploration of the engaging and playful practice necessary to best support young children’s language, reading and writing development. With playful, integrated practice at its core, this course aims to equip teachers with a wealth of practical strategies and resources to support the provision of high-quality literacy learning experiences in the junior primary classroom.


  1. Preparing the Learning Environment

  2. Oral Language Development

  3. Approaching Reading and Writing

  4. Prioritising Play

  5. Meaningful Methods


Is this the same as your previous course?

- No, this is a brand new course. Similar themes, packed with brand new content and resources.

Do participants receive resources?

-Yes, each module contains a 'resource folder' which downloadable materials.

Can I complete the course in my own time?

- Yes, you can complete the content at your own pace across the month of July. The course opens on July 3rd and closes on July 28th.

Is there interaction across the delivery?

- Despite its asynchronous delivery, a team of engaging, experienced facilitators will be moderating the forums and responding to threads each day. Emerging questions and queries are responded to promptly and threads of interest are generated arising from the discussions and conversations within the forums. There are opportunities to interact with participants and facilitators in a virtual space (via threads); a useful space where resources, recommendations and experiences are shared!

Registration fee: 50

Spaces are filling up, so early booking is advised!

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate in reaching out.


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deep jain
deep jain
Jul 26, 2023

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