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Literacy Symposium on Spelling Instruction

Join myself, Dr Jennifer O'Sullivan, Deirdre O'Toole and Dr Treasa Bowe on Saturday September 2nd for the next Science of Reading Literacy Symposium. This time, we focus on spelling instruction!

Spellings: taught or caught?

Children's spelling development, and the instruction that supports it, from Junior Infants to 6th class, will be addressed in the symposium. Join us as we examine the research surrounding spelling development and explore how to employ evidence-based spelling instruction in your classroom.

Across the webinar we will explore:

- Spellings and the Primary Language Curriculum

- Stages of Spelling Development

- Phonics

- Invented spelling

- Spelling rules

- Morphology and Etymology for spelling

- Spelling analysis and assessment

- Dos and don'ts of effective spelling instruction

Registration fee: €30

Important information about the symposium:

-Will the symposium be recorded? YES! 24 hours after the symposium you will receive a link to the recording, which will be available to view for 30 days.

- Will the slides be available? YES! You will receive the slides and resources 24hours after the symposium.

- Will there be a chance to ask questions? YES! Time will be alllocated for Q&A, and the chat function will be moderated by the presenters.

The previous symposium sold out so early booking is advised.


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