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Play, Language & Literacy: A Face to Face Summer Course

Join myself and Dr Sinéad McCauley Lambe for our f2f summer course 'Play, Language and Literacy' from July 4th - 8th, 2022, in the beautiful surroundings of Marino Institute of Education.

This summer course provides a comprehensive and practical exploration of playful learning relating to language and literacy development in the primary infant classroom. Exploring content through a playful lens, this course is suited to both teachers who are new to the infant classroom, and also to experienced infant teachers who may wish to refresh their practice and to facilitate more relational play-based approaches to teaching and learning.

Content within each module has been carefully designed to equip participants with evidence-based, contemporary approaches to planning, practice and organisation of the infant classroom, with specific attention to emergent literacy and oral language development.

Participants will explore a range of engaging, effective and practical strategies to create and extend the development of emergent literacy through the facilitation of playful learning opportunities across the infant day.

Content across the course is aligned to the outcomes of the Primary Language Curriculum (2019) and the themes of the Aistear Curriculum Framework (2009).

Content includes:

- Playful Learning - the what, the why, the how?

- Play across the curriculum

- Approaching literacy instruction in the infant classroom

- Facilitating language-rich playful learning experiences

- Planning, Assessment and SSE

Registration fee: €90


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